Regulatory Consulting

License, filing, and other regulatory requirements for marketing asset management products and services to Japanese investors vary depending on the nature of the products, services and target client classes. We support our clients on such requirements with referral to/in consultation with appropriate external counsels and consultants

Licenses and other options (At Entry Level)

Keyaki provides advice and support on such matters as follows, including translation in meetings with regulators, external counsels, and consultants where necessary.

  1. Consultations on Marketing Options


    • Type I Financial Instruments Business
    • Type II Financial Instruments Business
    • Investment Management Business ‐ including Discretionary Investment Management
    • Nondiscretionary Investment Advisory Business

    Alternative solutions to licenses

    • Exemptions available by limiting the scope of activities/target clients (e.g. Article 63 exemptions)
    • Partnership with companies licensed in Japan.
  2. Support on application for licenses / exemptions

    Application for Article 63 exemptions

    Application for the following licenses

    • Discretionary Investment Management Business
    • Nondiscretionary Investment Advisory Business
    • For example, Keyaki may support screening of candidates for the compliance position required of the above licenses

Regulatory requirements (Post Entry Level)

Keyaki provides advice and support on the regulatory reporting/filing, and other regulatory requirements, including inquiry to the regulators and external counsels / consultants where necessary.

  1. Regulatory requirements of the following licensee/notifier

    Article 63 Notifiers (GPs marketing LPS funds under Article 63 exemption).

    Nondiscretionary Investment Advisory Business Licensee

  2. Filing for Foreign Investment Trusts / Foreign Investment Corporations
  3. Filing for prospective investors to obtain the status of Qualified Institutional Investors

Representation to Japanese regulators

Keyaki represents Article 63 Notifiers (GPs) to the Japanese regulator.

  1. Article 63 Notifiers are required to appoint a regulatory representative in Japan