Real Estate M&A Advisory

Market has seen more real estate company M&A deals recently, which requires understanding the business and financial goals and also skill-sets in combination of real estate and M&A. We support our clients on those requirement to achieve successful corporate acquisitions.

M&A Strategizing

  • Clarification of future business strategy
  • Constructing of M&A strategies

Target Screening

  • Planning of screening processes
  • Preparing a long list
  • Narrowing down to a short list
  • Selecting the targeted company
  • Analyzing merger synergies
  • Strategizing approach and negotiations

Due Diligence (“DD”)

  • Financial DD
  • Tax DD
  • Business DD (Organization and HR)
  • IT / System DD
  • Environment DD
  • Legal DD
  • Finalizing an acquisition plan


  • Negotiations on fundamental agreement
  • Valuation of the targeted company
  • Building synergy plan
  • Constructing a post merger Integration (“PMI”) plan
  • Negotiations to final agreement
  • Deal closing


  • Execution of PMI plan
  • Reorganization and integration of IT, HR and other systems
  • Analysis on synergy effects

Exit / Sale

  • Planning of exit strategies
  • IPO / sale of the company